CatalogoMX is a platform of more than 30 independent record labels, all of them diverse and from different parts of México. This project is an open window to the underground musical culture of México. Mexico, like many parts of the world, is undergoing profound changes and at the same time is equal to any global musical flow. CatalogoMX is also a manifest, with the objective of promoting the work of independent Mexican music producers and to insert them in an international circuit of musical negotiations. The means of production and distribution have been democratized and it is within this context that CatalogoMX is an open platform of musical content to be explored, shared and remixed.


01.Adrian Eihrlich_Three Days in Paradise_Triplet

02.Musjik_Dodii li_Senses Netlabel

03.Joseph Teruel_It's Only Love Doing It's Thing_Bust A Dub

04.Anime Edge_All Night Loop (Pezzner Remix)_Tenampa Recordings

05.Louie Fresco_No Romance_Mexa Records

06.Made To Move_Come To Dance_Disclosure crew

07.No Text_The Warp (Original Mx)_Greenbeat Records

08.Bufi & La Royale_Michael_Electrique Music


10.Death On The Balcony_Niteclub Of The Future_Akbal Music

11.Fax_Impala_Static Discos

12.Tina Moore_Never Gonna Let You Go (Love Bites edit)_Ruter Netlabel

13.Sergio Soroa_Time Ago (Original mix)_Kreativa Records

14.Apricot_Speakeasy_Dialtone Records

15.Light IDR & Zeque_September (2012 edit)_InfraDIgrecords

16.Maxson_Vuelta A Nacer (Dromme Tape Mix)_Nonpop Records

17.Mr. Jones_Why Don't You Tell Me_Pantamuzik

18.Eddie Mercury_I Was Born In Mexico_Disque Discos

19.Me & Myself_It's All About Music (Original Mix)_Thirteen Moons

20.Sankha_November Sky_Sounds Of Earth

21.Hanz_Walking (Tini_Tun Remix 2)_We Are Here Records

22.Alien's Dread_Tekken (Original Mix)_Get it on Records

23.Jack's son_With Softness_Abolipop

24.Nesstrak feat. Mock the Zuma_Whomper n' Blunt_Lowers

25.Bandido_Oldskool Rider_Suplex

26.Lao + Analice_Web Reflex_#401

27.Rifhes_Lost In The Forest_Techkilla

28.Moolok_Always Green_Metashake Recordings

29.Isaac Maya_Mexican Junglist_Lo Freq

30.Los Macuanos_Bandera_Tropic All

31.Blok One + Dfender feat Gina Estrada_Viento_Soulridaz

32.These Modern Ages_Oh No Nuno (Ian Hawgood)_Umor Rex

33.All Together Now_FM_Blaq Records