10 Years of music

Dañez Vs Rifhes - See U Fallin [GEEKCORE001]
Rifhes - Cumbanchero (ft. Celia Cruz)
Rifhes - Nanominimal
Rifhes - Spooks
Rifhes - Timehack
Rifhes - Luz [TKEP021]
Xhale - Distant Farm (Rifhes Remix) [TKEP004]
Daft Punk - Revolution 909 (Rifhes remix)
Rifhes - Knight Rider
Rifhes - No Fear [TKEP007]
Rifhes - Secuencia De Sueños [TKEP021]
Rifhes - Tiempo
Rifhes - U Suck [TKEP003]
Sasha - Bloodlock (Rifhes Remix) [TKEP001]
Substance - Aftertouch (Rifhes Remix) [TKEP002]
Rifhes - Dummy [TKEP007]
Asagaz + Rifhes - Blade Runner [TKEP008]
Asagaz + Rifhes - Matricial [TKEP008]
Rifhes + Dfender - Warpfactory [TKEP012]
Destreza - Polynesian Eyes (Rifhes Remix) [GEEKCORE013]
Garbage - Stupid Girl (Rifhes remix)
Paul Keeley - Slick N Slim (Rifhes Remix) [TKEP012]
Radiohead - Creep (Rifhes remix)
Rifhes - Salvation
Rifhes - Elektrocardiogram
Rifhes - No Fear Vip
Rifhes - Colective Soul
Fade In - Sueños (Rifhes remix)
Garbage - When I Grow Up (Rifhes remix)
Hey Chica - Issues (Rifhes remix)
Rifhes - Fuck With Britney
Rifhes - Master feat. MC San [TKEP013]
Rifhes - The Adaptor
Rifhes - Traveler [GEEKCORE013]
Rifhes - Warrior
Sebastien Tellier - El Amour Et La Violence (Rifhes Vs Boys Noize remix)
Seine - Lightsource (Rifhes remix)
Collateral Soundtrack And Cyane - All Labels (Rifhes remix) [GEEKCORE2010]
Dfender - Help For Your Hips (Rifhes remix)
Lamb - What Sound (Rifhes remix)
Luomo - Tessio (Rifhes remix)
On Off - Cesped (Rifhes remix)
Pepepe + Violet - Obsessão (Rifhes remix) [Red Bull Music Academy]
Renfro - Broken Little Pieces (Rifhes remix) [GEEKCORE013]
Rifhes - Exit
Blokone + Rifhes - Spawn
Fatboyslim - Star 69 (Rifhes remix)
B.E.P - I Gotta Feeling (Rifhes remix)
Rifhes - There Is A Light [TKR003]
Rifhes And Mira - Time Will Show
Shock Bukara - Let Go (Rifhes Remix)
The Klaxons - Golden Skanks (Rifhes remix)
Construktor + Rifhes - Solaris
Daft Punk - Derezzed (Rifhes remix)
Divier Guive - Un Mar (Rifhes Remix)
J.F.W. - Cantidad (Rifhes remix)
Lous La Roche + Daft Punk - Fragile (Rifhes Remix)
Mac Miller - Best Day Ever (Rifhes Remix)
Queen - Rock You (Rifhes remix)
Rifhes - Do The Math
Rifhes + Thir3t - Guitar Hero
Rifhes - Maker
Rifhes - Vortex Math
Rifhes - Lost In The Forest [TKR001]
Rifhes - Tiempo-2011 Edit [TKR001]
Rifhes - New Age-vip Mix [TKR001]
Rifhes - Neo Punk [TKR001]
Resorte - Amerika (Rifhes remix)
Bandido - Sunshine (Rifhes remix)
Bjork - Delcare Independence (Rifhes remix)
Crosses - Option (Rifhes remix)
Maldita Vecindad - Pachuco (Rifhes remix)
Construktor + Rifhes - Moonshine
Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (Rifhes Remix)
Rifhes - 211 lightyears
Rifhes - Actitud
Rifhes - Manda [TKR002]
Rifhes - Galactic ranger [TKR002]
Rifhes + Mem.o - Weirdness
Rifhes - Techkilla Funk
Todos Tus Muertos - Anadate (Rifhes remix)
Van Halen - Jump (Rifhes remix)
Brother - Breathbox (Rifhes Remix)
B.S.E + Noisia - Hideous (Rifhes Remix)
Eiton - Malaria (Rifhes remix)
Flagrant - Wakamoora (Rifhes remix)
Jamiroquai - Too Young To Die (Rifhes Remix)
Personal Life - There's A Time For Everything (Rifhes Remix)
Rifhes - Butterfly
Rifhes - Aerodinamic
Rifhes + Emotionall - Day In A Life
Rifhes - Chemicalbeats
Rifhes - El Futuro
Rifhes - Hearbreaker
Rifhes - No dark
Rifhes - No More 4 Money [TASTYBASS001]
Rifhes - Peligro
Rifhes - Pitchshifter
Rifhes - Punkstep
Rifhes - RSXY
Saint Trinity - Street fighter (Rifhes remix)
Squarepusher - 4001 (Rifhes Remix)
The Prototypes - Evolution (Rifhes Remix)
Zardonic – Restless Slumber (Rifhes Remix)
Rob D - Clubbed To The Death (Rifhes Remix)
Fractal - Avare (Rifhes remix)
Fractal - Urchin (Rifhes Remix)
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Tasty Bass es una promotora y colectivo de productores de distintos sellos discográficos de México con el objetivo de fomentar el bass music. El cual cuenta entre sus filas con productores de renombre como: Pedro Infame (Ags), Rifhes, Robot's don't have sisters, Bial Hclap (Gdl), Te Capital, Dj Gross (Df), Pakbel (Coa), DJ Macojazz, Ezekiel (Mty) y Mexican Dubwiser.

Este 1ro de Marzo presentamos a:

DJ y productor pionero del sonido drum and bass en Jalisco, fundador del sello discografico TECHKILLA Recordings quien en esta ocacion nos presenta el debut de su nuevo video clip del tema titulado "Lost in the forest" producido por 963design.


Múltiples ritmos de música electrónica, plunderphonics, samples coloridos y orgánicos, influenciado por sonidos de baja calidad y música folclórica. Parte del NetLabel Mexicano PIRA.MDhttp://piramdrecords.net/.

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